Alan Cheek has a new sale listing located at 4922 Preston Highway. This 4,501 square foot building is a former Big O Tire location and has 3 bays as well as warehouse, office and retail spaces.... view entire article
Anne Marchal and Will Duncan closed on their 1.26 acre land listing located at 703 Lyndon Lane. Even though the property has a structure on it, this property was sold as "land" due to the poor condition of the building and was purchased by JEDA Properties, LLC.... view entire article
Will Duncan and Todd Whitchurch represented their client, Hoist & Crane Service Group, in the leasing of 14,000 square feet of space located at 4414 Louisville Avenue.... view entire article
Anne Marchal and Ray Hass have secured the listing for the 3,132 square foot free-standing former Cannon Carpet building located at 7135 Dixie Highway. The building is for lease and includes an attached garage.... view entire article
Ray Hass and Anne Marchal closed on their multi-family listing located at 6500 Hackel Drive. This 10,656 square foot apartment building was purchased by Parrett Properties, LLC.... view entire article